Our expression of a classic Double IPA, Mother Handsome is brewed with a funky blend of African & American hops. It is meticulously balanced, slightly bitter, with a hop aroma of currant, citrus, stone fruit, and fresh herbs. We named it in tribute to the 19th century tavern owner of local Ferndale legend. Not only did she quench the thirst of many a weary soul traveling the Saginaw Trail between Detroit and points north, the tavern floor doubled as a rooming house. So, while you can’t crash at our place, we are happy to provide you with a tasty respite from a long day!

8.5% ABV


We don’t often choose the easiest path, instead we embrace the challenging; the road less traveled is longer but far more interesting and ultimately, well worth it. The people we admire, the organizations we care about and the artists that inspire us, they all took the Long Cut. When we started brewing our IPA in 2015, we committed to creating a beer that stood apart from the myriad of hopped up choices on the market. The Long Cut IPA delivers on that promise with a balanced, crisp, slightly floral and citrusy beer that we hope you love, with a name that reminds us of how far we’ve come. So, c’mon, let’s take the Long Cut, we’ll get there eventually.

6.2% ABV


City is a classic American Pale Ale, through and through. Two Row malted barley is blended with just the right amount of toasted caramel malt to create a firm malt backbone. Cascade and cutting edge experimental Yakima Valley hop varietals are gently integrated into the beer to balance the malt and give the brew its soul. City never overwhelms and welcomes you to enjoy another balanced, refreshing pint. We brewed this beer with the legions of Detroit City FC supporters in mind. It’s a tribute to their fervor and rabid enthusiasm for the beautiful game and the great City we call home.

5.6% ABV


Axle Porter is the mature, distinguished gentleman at the bar, full of stories that transcend time and place. Rich roasted flavor and a dark brooding hue is packed into each pint, inviting the sipper to enjoy the slow pleasures contained in this age-old traditional ale. Enjoy with friends or in your own quiet company – there’s always plenty of time when you’re with an Axle Porter.

5.8% ABV



 Classic European style Kolsch with a bit of American oomf! Our salute to due process and equal protection for the thirsty!

5.7% ABV


Brewed with ginger and orange peel. Inspired by beauty beyond compare, flaming locks of auburn hair, ivory skin and eyes of emerald green.

4.5% ABV


Rich, dark chocolate and roasted notes mingle in an industrious mixture of finessed thrills for your tastebuds.
Gold Medal-2017 World Expo of Beer

8.4% ABV


 German Grundgeist hopped Blonde with aroma of peach and stone fruit.

5.2% ABV


 This easy going smasher gained momentum at the end of prohibition, where Canadians and Americans alike found the common love of the cream ale has no borders.
Gold Medal-2017 World Expo of Beer 

4.5% ABV


 English-style Brown Ale.

5.4% ABV