Livernois Lager is a golden beer that fits stylistically into the Dortmunder Export category. Unlike a hoppy Pilsner or the malt forward Munich Helles or Bocks, this lager is balanced, poised and clean. In the place of Eastern European “noble” hops, we have sourced a homegrown Michigan-only proprietary hop strain called Empire. This hop provides a mellow, floral and spicy backdrop to make this beer incredibly refreshing.

Historically, this beer was brewed to quench the thirst of laborers toiling at the dawn of the industrial revolution. So, we figured it would be a great idea to share our modern take on an old world classic with the many laborers working hard to build our new brewery and tap room on beautiful Livernois Avenue!

5.3% ABV



What three letters in the beer cosmos scream “I am better than you” more than IPA?

From its earliest imperialistic domination, to its unabashedly bitter American west coast aggressive pose, IPA conjures greatness.

Our IPA maintains a firm stance grounded in the tsunami of the American IPA revolution and fires on all cylinders. At Axle Brewing, we are committed to sourcing the best ingredients we can get our hands on, so this beer features 2015 Michigan grown hops.

We love ‘em, and we are pretty damn sure you will too.

DRINK UP. Celebrate being great.

6.2% ABV



Porter casts a long shadow on ale history. Spanning back to the early 1700’s, Porter literally hit its stride and walked hand in hand with many of the great developments of industry and power within the British empire.

Porter was the first mega-industrialized beer style brewed for the masses in a quickly developing imperialistic world and pioneering evolutions in brewing science can be traced back to this beer style. With rich roasty flavors and a dark brooding hue, the shadow of history is packed into each pint. Our prime directive is to faithfully and solemnly honor the deep historical significance of this wonderful beer style.

Enjoy with friends, savor and step back through the ages.

5.3% ABV



Ahhh … The beguiling Witbier. This elixir screams history on your tongue. The ancient use of spices, oats, raw un-malted wheat and citrus fruit, teleport this beer back to a pre lager era of monastic brewers and 14th century vibes.

This glorious beer had all but gone the way of the woolly mammoth and if it weren’t for a simple milkman named Pierre Celis, who resurrected this style in 1966, this magnificent potion of fermented magic would have been lost to the ages. We bow with reverence when we blend traditional ingredients and brewing practices to create this beer of the ages.

Its refreshing, slightly tart and quaffable nature leans heavily on history and to a legacy of a simpler time and place.

5.6% ABV



This isn’t a “hop bomb”.
Nor is it designed for all you
crazy hopheads. This is beer.

A malt beverage designed for consumption. This beer is easy as a Sunday morning. A blend of six malts create a smooth, silky mouthfeel. Born from hard working Irish laborers that simply wanted a relaxing beer to soothe the muscles and soul after a hard days work, this beer is not designed to be swirled in a fancy glass or pondered and cataloged in your “beer journal”.
It’s beer for the soul, for friends, for family and for drinking.

Enjoy our hard work to celebrate your hard work.

5.2% ABV


City is a classic American Pale Ale, through and through. Two Row malted barley is blended with just the right amount of toasted caramel malt to create a firm malt backbone. Cascade and cutting edge experimental Yakima Valley hop varietals are gently integrated into the beer to balance the malt and give the brew its soul.  City never overwhelms and welcomes you to enjoy another balanced, refreshing pint.

We brewed this beer with the legions of Detroit City FC supporters in mind. It’s a tribute to their fervor and rabid enthusiasm for the beautiful game and the great City we call home.

5.6% ABV



We would like to salute all of the Franks in the world. From the brilliant absurdity of Zappa, to the sweet swagger of Sinatra, from the innovation of Black Francis all the way through the vision of Lloyd Wright. But mostly to the average working Frank. A man with no pretense, no ostentation. An Everyman, quietly sitting in a chair with a brooding beer in his hand. Frank at rest. Frank in quiet bliss with a pint. We infuse Chinook, Cascade and Columbus hops throughout the entire brewing and fermentation process to thoroughly showcase the American hops. The dark malts give a richness and dark color without adding any overly burnt textures. Frank deserves this beer and so do you.

6.2% ABV



Full malty mouthfeel that is completely destroyed by over hopping with gobs of American hop goodness. A bit of a paradox … Rich caramel toffee flavors layered with a hefty dose of Centennial hops. Ahh, lovely Ruby! We’ve met this red headed stunner before, and while good sense tells us she’s out of our league and will leave us a crumpled pile of heartbreak if she deigns to meet our gaze, we can’t resist. You know her, she’s the one with the hearty laugh, the big green eyes, and a vintage vinyl collection you could only dream of. Just don’t get comfortable, this Ruby won’t be around for long.

7.1% ABV